3G Pitch hire

This third generation 3G pitch is an all weather, FIFA accredited pitch used by local football clubs, schools and businesses

Yaxley 3G pitch information

  • Premium all weather 3G pitch
  • Accredited by English Football Association and FIFA
  • Realistic ball bounce and ball roll - playing on a 3G pitch is just like playing on real grass
  • Floodlighting, team dugouts and dedicated sports facilities
  • Covered seated stand and spectator hard standing
  • Patio with fully licenced bar, hot and cold snacks and refreshments
  • Perimeter safety fence

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About our third generation 3G pitch

3G pitches are a significant development in synthetic surface technology. The artificial grass blades are longer and spaced optimally for player safety and comfort. They are therefore softer and kinder to the skin.

Designed specifically for the requirements of football the Yaxley 3G pitch is a top of the range pitch. The grass was carefully chosen and the 3G pitch is supported by carefully engineered materials to suit local Fen topography. It gives shock absorbing characteristics for player comfort and safety. The combination of artificial grass fibres and materials ensures a comfortable playing surface — even for sliding tackles!

The artificial grass used on the Yaxley 3G pitch is a 60mm pile height, as recommended for the volume and type of usage — football matches and training sessions. We deliberately used a top of the range premium yarn from Field Turf that is durable and provides high quality aesthetics and playing characteristics. 

The Yaxley 3G pitch is accredited by the English Football Association and FIFA. It has to be re-tested every 12 months to meet very strict criteria so we can continue to play league football on the pitch. 

Third generation 3G pitch benefits

  • Ball response is realistic ball bounce and ball roll is consistent across the whole pitch
  • A realistic, durable and non abrasive playing surface
  • Non metal studs sink into the surface allowing the foot to get under the ball
  • Engineered technology helps to reduce injuries by cushioning joints and absorbing impact
  • Surface is capable of taking the wear and tear from daily football, when natural grass would wear quickly
  • The all weather surface allows water to easily drain so play can continue in wet weather
  • Maintenance requirements are much simpler than natural grass this allows us to make cost savings we can pass on

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3G pitch booking information

  • Rent the whole, half or a third of the pitch
  • Book in 1 hour blocks

Weekend league 3G pitch hire

  • Saturday and Sunday, 9-9pm
  • Great for league football
  • Some availability for training and social and leisure leagues

Premium 3G pitch hire

  • Monday to Friday, 6-9pm
  • Great for football and league training

Saver 3G pitch hire

  • Monday to Friday, 4-6pm and 9-10pm
  • Get up to 30% off
  • Great for private, social and leisure leagues

Day 3G pitch hire

  • Monday to Friday 9am-4pm
  • Great for corporates, schools, colleges and community groups

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Book 3G pitch

Call bookings office
01733 244928

To meet health and safety requirements, training session numbers are limited to a maximum of 20 people per third or 30 people per half pitch, or as may be advised from time to time by the duty manager.

Metal studs are strictly prohibited.