John Weeks, Chromasport United Counties Football League

As Chairman of CUCFL I feel uniquely privileged to write a few lines in praise of Yaxley 3G at Yaxley Football Club. In a remarkable few years since Yaxley FC moved to their new home at Leading Drove they have become the byword for progression in our league.

Under Jeff Lentons leadership the portacabins disappeared to be replaced with superb new facilities. These have been established with great care to ensure they will be suitable for football in the future at a much higher level. The clubhouse has superb facilities, (which are a great benefit to the local community), with 3 separate areas above offering hospitality, office and meeting rooms. A unique concept which ensures an ongoing revenue stream on non match days.

The new 3G pitch has, and will continue to be, a great asset not only to Yaxley but also the rapidly growing Peterborough Southern Township. It has been created utilising the best practices and materials available - remember not all 3G pitches are the same, but Jeff typically wanted the absolute best. As a club this should ensure its ongoing future and progression providing financial underpinning.

It also means Yaxley can continue with their fixtures untroubled by the problems that beset other clubs - the weather! When opposing clubs visit they have been unanimous in their praise for the pitch and accompanying facilities. As a league we are proud that Yaxley have progressed and are the first club in our league to install 3G. Together with unlimited car parking facilities this gives the option to stage Cup Finals and other prestigious matches at this facility. This also offers great opportunities for use by the County Football Association and other interested parties including corporate use. It is a very reassuring thought that when we arrange a Cup Final with a potential crowd approaching 1000 we know it will not be called off due to a waterlogged pitch! Thank you Yaxley 3G for all you have done for your club and community and our League.
— John Weeks, Chairman, CUCFL